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        One to eight exclusive offices

        For start-ups and micro-entrepreneurs to create exclusive office.
        Seating can accommodate 1-8 people, spacious.
        The company team conducts internal discussions and stimulates creativity in its own space, free and unrestrained.
        Here is the shining point of dreams and careers.

        Create a spacious space for your office

        The spacious and bright space is squarely structured. You can see the outside scenery with a glass curtain. The exclusive office desk and chair for 1-8 people are flexible and changeable. The discussion is not limited. It is also the birthplace of your dreams and creativity. Veboe provides special staff to receive letter parcels. You can rest assured that important documents are kept at ease. Photocopying and printing equipment is complete, processing is more efficient, and it is easier for people to take care of their cleaning. The use of wireline fixed networks can be used more quickly, and telephone lines can be applied as required. (Additional costs)

        Exclusive storage lockers, important documents are not exposed

        Veboe provides exclusive storage lockers, allowing you to have enough space for your important office documents to be stored without worry.

        Free use of meeting room 10 hours/month

        Professional meeting room space allows you to negotiate business easily with a cover.

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