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        Sharing office

        When you start your business, you don’t want to spend too much money on rent
        But still want more private office space, sharing office is your best choice
        Shared office can accommodate 8-16 business partners
        Half-open, uncompressed shared office space
        Let you enjoy your creativity here and stimulate endless possibilities

        Semi-open common work space, a total of 8-16 working partners

        The shared office with transparent partitions, semi-open space, unrestrained, and bright lighting, can accommodate 8-16 working partners, beautiful scenery of the whole wall large map output, allowing you to feel like working in the forest, A side view of the window is at a glance, allowing you to work outside, a cup of coffee plus beautiful scenery, allowing you to relax. Provide someone to receive letter parcels and use photocopying printer equipment to keep your chores from worrying.

        Large co-working spaces, each with its own office seat, can be flexibly changed according to the needs of the on-site seats.

        Free use of meeting room 4 hours/month

        Professional meeting room space allows you to negotiate business easily with a cover.

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