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        As a freelance worker and SOHO you
        Has there ever been such an experience?
        In order to find a good place for peace of mind, it took most of the time but it was not found, making you bothersome and time-consuming.In fact, what you need most is “exclusive position”.We provide your own office furniture, storage cabinets and photocopying equipment.Let you be here as your own studio, easy and convenient

        Open space, your location

        Veboe provides an open space. The entire glass curtain lighting is excellent. It is your office furniture and storage activity cabinet. Important documents are not exposed. Photocopying machine equipment is not annoying to handle the documents. Special person receives letter packages. Let you rest assured; provide a wired fixed network to use faster.

        Free use of meeting room for 2 hours/month

        Professional meeting room space allows you to negotiate business easily with a cover.

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