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        Game Community

        User-friendly space planning and considerate walking path design transform a small space into a large spaces! VEBOE business center isn’t just an office, but also a fun place to work and share your joy. Making an appointment of renting the center for exhibiting your collections, holding a gathering of coffee tasting on your newly discovery in our outdoor garden, or assembling a feast by reserving the conference room for movie enthusiasts. The sky is the limit!
        Power in cluster and unity
        Co-working space will gather people from different areas of expertise to work together. It is simply just bringing your own laptop PC and sitting on the big table, sharing idea, helping each other, and solving problems with people such as bloggers, software developers, languages translators, or other different fields. With technology and Internet advances, more and more people are starting up their Internet business; With these new increasing independent workers, traditional business center business model has been unable to meet their needs, so the co-working space came into being a new wave.
        Business Center VS. Co-working Space
        Business Center gives the impression of regular company office where there is a deep sense of “work in the company” feeling. They mostly nest all day in front of their desk staring at a computer, occasionally pour some water, or up to the toilet. But the common work space is filled with “happy families” of feeling: Each worker is staring at his laptop and working, but he can be free of chatting with friends next to him, be up for a cup of coffee,  be around to see what everyone is busy on. In addition, co-workers often have activities in creating friendship, so that workers easily become friends met in a weekend having night drink, playing games, and creating a sense of belonging.
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