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        VEBEO cardiac services

        ★for SOHO and personal office to create a comfortable 1-6 people or small office area for micro entrepreneurs
        Equipped★secretary desk security system Reception Hall ★ green outdoor dining area ★ someone clean environment★ convenient transportation MRT can be reached in the center of commercial office center
        Detached Space
        Your office has exclusive world, one to six can also enjoy the company office space, office electronic locks are set independently, allowing you to work to maintain privacy, company secrets safe.
        tailored space

        according to your needs for office space in the office that you configure file containing a large wooden cabinet to follow a number of configurations, tailored to your 1-6 people OA office furniture equipment,
        Join VEBOE Business Center we provide you with professional equipment, such as: fax, photocopy services, comfortable dining environment (free coffee and snacks), regional public areas, joint work space,
        Reception hall, professional secretarial services, security access control, clean environment, VEBOE someone to take care of business so you can concentrate on the sprint to expand their business.

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