Welcome to VEBOE, a different type of company.
Here at VEBOE business center, we are at the frontline of business and help young entrepreneur to realize their startup dream with small startup capital. Thanks for giving us the energy to push forward and let us grow and strong together.
If you are looking for a comfortable job, we may not be suitable for you. VEBOE is an exciting, fast-growing company, define a new business field. If you’re ready to accept the challenge, we have a lot of opportunities here.
Our goal is to have the company’s sustainable development as our core of business. Through the development of innovative products and services, we support our customers in their own sustainable businesses and help them to achieve a better balance between work and life.
Unlike the traditional office space, where we placed more open space. A way to work with the different stages in here ㄧ you can work at any area simply with your laptop, change another position to continue working. We set up tables of different heights, you can go to the bar to drink coffee if you are tired, or recharge your mind in our outdoor garden. Stuck at workㄧ relaxation in the corner so you can recharge with this cup of coffee and rest your eyes.
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