Please carefully read the following terms content, and pay attention to the terms of the modification status. When you hire and start using the site, you understand and agree to all the contents of the following agreed terms; the Company may at any time modify the content agreed terms, if you continue to use the site after the changes, you understand and agree modify the terms after. If you do not agree to the following terms, please stop immediately hire. If you are under the age of eighteen, shall comply with the above, when you use or continue to use, rent, it means that your parents (or guardians) have read, understood and agree to all the contents of this agreement and subsequent amendments to change. The lease contract signed express your designated venue lease contract with the company. Accordingly, the Company VeBao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “VEBOE”) as the lessor, the lessee and you was.

Rental Reservation: To complete the reservation valid, you must agree to the following statements Use space and set the date and time and the rental deposit payment through the online reservation system before the effective appointment.

  1. Rules: Lessee agrees to use it according to the appointment time. If the tenant time than originally started with the appointment late, the tenant remains in the original reservation end on time to return the site so as not to interfere with the tenant’s lease time to follow the other. If you exceed the time by appointment, then every 30 minutes for an order to pay the booking sheet on 1.5 times the amount of gold per hour delay, less than 30 minutes to 30 minutes to calculate.
  2. Cost: The total amount of unified invoices / receipts presented by the total amount to be paid by the lessee final.
  3. Equipment: Use VEBOE equipment, including projectors, audio equipment, microphones, TV, kitchen systems, etc., before use and VEBOE designated service representative to confirm how to use and understand the period may be used. If any damage or equipment failure, must be notified immediately VEBOE service personnel.
  4. Behavior: VEBOE proud to creativity and positive thinking, so kind to lessee agreed to our employees, at the same time the other tenant of the Company and all persons in the Company’s use of space. VEBOE cancel at any time of the lease contract rights reserved.
  5. Music: VEBOE venue can play music. When playing music lessee, for special attention to volume restrictions, and meet EPA noise standards. Therefore, if the EPA were to open a penalty, the lessee must be responsible for their own.
  6. Security Exemption: The tenant on their own time events, pay special attention to all safety issues, and recommend that you insure insurance related activities. If the event participants to enter the tenant’s lease VEBOE space, due to body injury, death or financial damage as any relationship with VEBOE, the lessee must bear all criminal and civil liability.
  7. Cleaning fee: This site can be eating, but cooking fire and the heat insulation acts prohibited within a site, the use of a microwave oven, coffee maker, high-power appliances, the organizers need to plan ahead load power, if tripped electricity, fire, etc. circumstances, derivative of fire protection, restoration, reparation, criminal liability rests with the organizers responsible. Each event are cleaning fee income, and use of alcoholic beverages or use caused by upset catering, vomiting etc. and should be subject to special cleaning fee.
  8. Jurisdiction: Legal Dispute derivative of the present contract, by mutual consent, have to be submitted for arbitration in Kaohsiung, according to the ROC Arbitration Law and resolved; in the court proceedings, the two sides agreed to the Kaohsiung District Court of first instance jurisdiction Court and applicable ROC law.
  9. Additional Matters: No other express agreement to this perfect place, then in accordance with relevant laws, treaties, habits, integrity and mutual benefit principles apply.
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