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        Free seats

        What is a free seat?
        In simple terms, it is not bound by space
        When you want to work, there is space for tables, chairs and equipment.You don’t need to travel around in order to find a workspace. It takes time and effort.Freedom to create an open shared office long table for you.Allows you to enjoy a flexible, unrestrained workspace.

        With the most real price, you need all the office functions you need

        Open large long-distance table, providing wired fixed network use and a large area of public graffiti walls for you to discuss with partners, unlimited creative play; special collection of mail parcels, so that your important items do not miss; free to choose seats, enjoy Home office comfort.

        Exclusive lock storage cabinet

        With lock lockers for more convenient storage, belongings and important documents more secure, allowing you to work more at ease.

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